Matcha Cherry Latte

In honour of the cherry blossom season starting now, here is my version of the cherry matcha latte, sweet, creamy and colourful.


  • 30ml dark cherry syrup
  • 160ml almond milk
  • 1 to 2TSP culinary matcha
  • 40ml hot water


  1. Pour the cherry juice in your glass, add some ice cubes and top it with the almond milk
  2. Make your matcha shot: sieve the matcha over a bowl, add 40 ml of hot water (70 to 80c – not boiling) and whisk the matcha in an M motion with a bamboo whisk.
  3. When you have a nice matcha foam pour over the shot in the glass
  4. With a straw you can stir to combine all the layers
Cherries pairs well with matcha and almonds but you can switch the milk to your favourite dairy or alternative milk. Cherry syrup is naturally very sweet, there is no need to add any sugar, I personally tend to add more matcha to have the right balance of sweet and umami.