How it all started

Olivia Nottin is passionate about healthy food and as a nutritional therapist, she advised her clients to avoid processed food and unhealthy habits, such as overconsumption of coffee and sugary latte. She saw many couldn’t cut down the lattes and after discovering matcha, she felt it was a perfect alternative with a very delicate taste, texture and many health benefits. Olivia is matcha obsessed and having search the capital high and low, realised there was a gap in the market. It was this which provided the inspiration behind Matcha and Beyond and her desire to bring it to a wider and more curious audience.

Between 2017 and 2018 she travelled to the US and Japan to get some inspiration in order to open a Matcha café in London and that’s how MATCHA AND BEYOND was born.


Apart from the matcha which is sourced directly from Japan, the other main ingredients will come from London based suppliers that focus on the best produce and products. Sweet and savoury baked goods will be made daily on site. The menu will reflect Matcha and Beyond's ethos and offer signature matcha treats, coffee shop favourites, as well as gluten free, dairy free and vegan options. The use of sugar is deliberately limited and it is up to our customers to sweeten their drink or food, if they’d like to.

Sustainability is important at Matcha and Beyond and the packaging range is biodegradable or compostable, meaning that the breakfast bowl, porridge pot, tumbler cup, lid, straw, matcha or coffee cup are all eco -friendly. Matcha and Beyond also encourages their customers to purchase a reusable cup in exchange for a discount on their drink, on every visit.


Coffee and Matcha complement each other almost as much as they compete, and “beverage polygamy” is allowed at Matcha and Beyond. After careful considerations and many tasting sessions, Matcha and Beyond chose to serve Square Mile Coffee. This multi award-winning coffee roaster, is a Member of the Speciality Coffee Association and Roasters Guild and shares the same values as Matcha and Beyond - authenticity, high quality and transparency, as well as a family entrepreneurial business with a personal approach.

Those who appreciate the culture of coffee and its story will equally be interested in the origin of matcha.


The café offers a welcoming and soothing interior of clean lines, earthy neutrals, with a splash of bright colour, natural wood, soft furnishing and plants. The seated area is a welcoming spot for mothers and babies, the perfect pit-stop for shoppers, as well as a relaxed place for those in between meetings and looking to refuel. The counter offers a highly efficient service for those on their way to work or on the run.