Matcha Fizz

Matcha Fizz

Drinking Matcha goes beyond matcha latte, make it a cocktail or a mocktail, this up to you, but you’ll have to try this delicious and refreshing drink.



  • 25ml lime juice
  • 4 Tsp matcha honey Buy this matcha
  • 50ml gin (or replace with apple juice for a mocktail)
  • Top up with sparkling water
  • Ice cubes


Makes 2 drinks
  1. Fill a tall glace with ice cubes
  2. In a shaker, mix lime juice, gin (or apple juice), matcha honey and some ice cubes
  3. Shake shake shake
  4. Pour over ice and top it with sparkling water

Delicious and refreshing you can swap gin for vodka or apple juice for pineapple juice, decorate with a slice of lime.

As matcha honey is a natural product, it may crystalize, if so warm it up in a bowl of hot water before adding it to the shaker.