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As a wholesaler and online retailer, we ship our signature grades of matcha to specialty retailers across the United Kingdom. We provide our cafe partners with the education, support, recipes and hands-on training to make matcha a best seller on their menu.

Matcha and Beyond provides an extensive range of bulk matcha powder and related tools for your business. We work closely with restaurants, chefs, and cafes to provide the best matcha tea wholesale products for your drinks and your menu margins.

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We would love to work with you. Contact us today to let us know about your requirements & get access to our range of matcha green tea wholesale products.

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Why add ceremonial grade matcha to your menu?

Wellbeing is trending

The health and wellness trends are expected to intensify together with consumers preference for premium products, favouring matcha and speciality coffee. Matcha is perceived as a healthy coffee alternative, providing a balanced caffeine intake and a high dose of antioxidants.

Subheading one

Matcha price/ kg seems expensive however, you only require between 1 and 2 grams per cup. Matcha is as profitable as speciality coffee with a similar cost per servings but matcha RRP tends to be higher than coffee. With a range of bulk ceremonial grade matcha options you'll get a healthy margin.

Subheading one

Easy to store oxygen free resealable pouches of 250g, 500g and 1kg, matcha has a 12 month shelf life. The drink preparation doesn’t require large and expensive equipment and is easy to clean and maintain. The preparation time with our tools require between 1 and 2 minutes making matcha very easy to incorporate within a busy restaurant or coffee shop environment.

Why work with us?

We provide lots of options and sizes for serving and retailing our matcha tea wholesale range. We can also offer white labels for larger quantities. Talk to us today to find out how we can suit your business.

Premium Quality
We only import the best quality bulk matcha from Japan, we are in direct contact with the farms and each grade have been carefully selected by our founder.
Convenient & Competitive Pricing
We offer a range of grades, sizes and prices all with no minimum order and a 2 day delivery service.
Industry Experience
We ran a matcha café for 2 years in London, we know well the hospitality business and its daily challenges and the menu margins, we will advise you accordingly to your needs.
No Compromise
Our matcha is 100% ground matcha tea leaves. Our farmers follow organic and sustainable practices, choice of organic and non-certified grades. Vegan - Gluten free – no added sugar.

We take great pride in the relationships we build with each customer and believe in creating long term partnerships. To help you get started we can offer full training for your baristas, staff and sales teams.