What does matcha taste like?

We all know that matcha is healthy, but people often wonder what does matcha tea taste like? For anyone who hasn’t yet tried this trendy green tea powder, the flavour can be a bit surprising. Matcha tea tastes grassy and slightly sweet, with a creamy texture that comes from the added milk or water. It’s important to find a good quality matcha for the best flavour, and to take care when preparing it so you don’t end up with a bitter cup of tea. Once you follow the simple steps featured in the matcha guide, though, you’ll be hooked on this delicious and healthy beverage!

Flavour Profile:

Matcha is known for its wide range of flavours which can range from creamy and sweet to nutty and earthy, depending on the quality of the product and where it was grown. The flavour profile of matcha is both sweet and grassy, coupled with a subtle bitterness that provides an extra dimension to this unique beverage. Beyond the traditional flavours however, matcha has an undertone of umami which elevates the taste experience by giving it a savoury complexity unlike any other. Whether served hot or iced, Matcha provides an exceptionally healthy and unforgettable drinking experience with its unique balance of sweetness and umami.

What is Umami?

The Japanese word for the perfect balance of these tastes is umami, which is achieved through delicate replanting and harvesting techniques used on matcha tea bushes. This umami taste has been prized by Japanese tea connoisseurs for centuries. Matcha’s taste is determined not only by its high-quality ingredients but also how it has been prepared; this delicate balance of healthy elements gives Matcha its unique sweetness. There is no other beverage quite like Matcha, with its healthy blends and sweet flavours providing an unforgettable drinking experience.

Why does preparation matter?

Matcha is an ingredient unlike any other, requiring a unique and intricate preparation to create its signature flavour. While other beverages that use powder as an ingredient require only mixing with liquid, matcha takes it a step further by whisking with hot water to generate an enjoyable froth on the surface of the drink. The process of whisking also ensures that countless notes and aromas are brought out in each sip, giving matcha tea unparalleled in flavour and experience when compared to other teas.

Matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves, which are then stone ground into a powder using an ancient process that ensures the highest quality and taste. A good quality matcha is made of 100% tea leaves without the addition of anti-clumping agents. You may have experienced a clumpy matcha that will leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. To enjoy the smoothness and richness of matcha in your cup, use a fine mesh sieve before whisking the powder.

Matcha is becoming increasingly popular for its health benefits and distinct taste. Matcha is a high-quality ceremonial green tea that originates from Japan. Its unique deep emerald green colour and It’s unique taste that combines grassy notes with subtle sweetness, accompanied by an umami aftertaste. This combination of flavours makes it particularly appealing and healthy to many people across different cultures, giving it an edge over other popular beverages. Those with a sweet tooth are sure to find matcha’s hints of sweetness refreshingly palatable as well, making it the perfect healthy alternative for any occasion.

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