Matcha recipes - Matcha Pumpkin-Pie
Matcha Pumpkin Pie

It’s thanksgiving, what better moment to enjoy a slice of a lightly spiced pumpkin pie with a matcha twist?
Matcha recipes - Matcha Cheesecake
Matcha Halloween Cheesecake

A fantastic Halloween treat, but also the ultimate Matcha and white chocolate cheesecake indulgence! That’s what Halloween is all about after all – tricks and treats!
Matcha recipes - Matcha Raspberry Crumble
Matcha Raspberry Crumble
The good old English crumble is still so popular and never seems to go out of fashion. With apples and raspberries in abundance at the moment, it makes for the perfect pudding.
Matcha recipes - Matcha Kale Salad
Matcha Kale Salad
Gluten Free
Matcha recipes - Matcha Cookies
Matcha Face Mask
Vegan, Natural
This is the perfect detoxifying face mask. The clay deep clenses the skin, allowing your pores to release impurities. Matcha adds a boost of antioxidants, and fights signs of ageing.
Matcha recipes - ice lollies
Matcha Ice Lollies
Vegan, Low Sugar
This is the perfect summer treat. So refreshing and easy to make.
Matcha recipes - Matcha Cherry Slices
Matcha Cherry Slices
Gluten Free
These cherry slices are moreish treats bursting with juicy cherries and the unforgettable matcha flavour. Very easy to make and an impressive colourful dessert for the summer.
Matcha recipes - Matcha Cookies
Matcha Cookies

Our matcha cookie is our absolute bestseller at the cafe. So, whilst that recipe remains a closely guarded secret here is a slightly different version with the addition of macadamia nuts.
Matcha recipes - berry tartlets
Matcha Berry Tartlets

Raspberries and Blackberries work well with matcha flavour, those tartlets are light and crispy not overly sweets and so pretty to look at. They make a nice summer dessert, that can also be prepared in advance.
Matcha recipes - vegan doughnut
Matcha Doughnut
Bringing you our guilt-free, baked, vegan doughnut with matcha glaze . . . the same satisfaction without the guilt, plus they are super easy to bake.
Matcha recipes - sablés
Matcha Sablés

French sablés are similar to shortbread biscuits but a little thinner and crispier. They are delicious to eat on their own as a snack and pair perfectly with a fruit salad or ice cream.
Matcha recipes - fudge square
Matcha Fudge Squares
Vegan, Gluten Free
I had a bit of trouble finding the right name for this little treat - it’s halfway between a flapjack and millionaire’s shortbread.
Matcha recipes - oat breakfast pot
Matcha & Oat Breakfast Pot
Vegan, Gluten Free
Colourful and nutritious breakfast to be prepared the day ahead. Chia seeds will add texture and added protein, matcha will bring its unique colour and flavour.
Matcha recipes - cupcakes
Matcha Cupcakes

These moist matcha cupcakes are easy to make, perfectly balanced matcha flavour, and finished with tangy vanilla cream cheese frosting.
Matcha recipes - lemon tart
Lemon & Matcha Tart
Gluten Free
This is the perfect lemon tart! With a delicious homemade gluten free matcha pie crust, tart and smooth lemon filling, with the subtle matcha taste.
Matcha recipes - apple crumble
Matcha Apple Crumble
Gluten Free
Apple crumble is the ultimate comfort food. Matcha brings out an interesting twist on this classic recipe.
Matcha recipes - crepes
Matcha Crêpes

These French style pancakes are ultra-thin and delicate with the most buttery crisp edges. Adding matcha to the batter adds a delicate flavour to this classic recipe.
Matcha recipes - fondue
Matcha Chocolate Fondue

This could not be simpler to make and is beyond delicious. Once you have the matcha chocolate you can have infinite varieties of dip-ables.
Matcha recipes - popcorn
Matcha Popcorn

An old-time favourite, add some health benefits to your snack, sit down and enjoy the movie.
Matcha recipes - oat bars
Matcha & Oat Bars

These raw bites are not baked and don’t contain any added sugar. Almond butter and oats complement the sour flavour of cranberries.
Matcha recipes - tokyo mule
Tokyo Mule

Matcha with spirit! We love matcha with absolutely anything and everything, and cocktails are no exception.
Matcha recipes - biscuit christmas trees
Matcha Biscuits Christmas Tree

A great recipe to make with children over the holidays. Simple, colourful and not a single artificial colour in sight.
Matcha recipes - chocolate tart
Matcha & Chocolate Tart

The heavenly combination of chocolate and praline is always decadent. We have added some matcha for its unique flavour.
Matcha recipes - coconut yoghurt cake
Matcha & Coconut Yoghurt Cake

This cake was inspired by a classic childhood favourite French cake of mine - the yoghurt cake.
Matcha recipes - acai chia pudding
Acai & Matcha Chia Pudding
Vegan, Gluten Free
Ready in just a few minutes, this matcha chia pudding is filled with acai berry puree, fruit, and you can add all of your favourite toppings.
Matcha recipes - blondie
Matcha Blondie

These decadent, American-style dessert bars are a cousin of the brownie, with the same dense and moist texture.
Matcha recipes - pineapple smoothy
Matcha Pineapple Smoothie

This is a sweet and tangy smoothie with a hint of astringency from the matcha. It is the perfect summer drink - rehydrating and refreshing.
Matcha recipes - madeleines
Matcha Madeleines

In Japan it is tradition to eat a small sweet treat with their matcha tea. Small and airy teacakes, madeleines are a classic French individual cake.
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